About CILA

Currently, one of the prerequisites of regional development is to support and strengthen the role of business. Entrepreneurship and Leadership – is one of the essential components of social and economic practices of modern Africa, which has become a fast growing ​​research area. Most of the world’s leading business schools have courses and research, centered on Leadership and innovation as well as international scientific workshops and conferences pertaining to this area. Dismally, Africa has benefited less from quality research that has practical implications for industry.
Best practices of applied innovation in the field of business are diverse, and are useful for use in the African context. One of the global trends in the development of innovative infrastructures is associated with the creation of leading business schools with specialized centers for innovative entrepreneurship. These centers provide a multi-level training in the management of innovation and consultancy for entrepreneurs and policy makers in business innovation and technology commercialization. The combination of training and research activities in the field of innovative entrepreneurship, closely links the educational process with practical activities which enables these centers to make direct industry impact for economic growth.
The Center for Innovation Leadership seeks to lead in providing high-quality research in innovation and leadership tailored towards industry and governments to be impactful on the African continent and beyond.