Forums and Conference

Africa Business Innovation Forum – Current global economic trends pose significant treats to businesses especially in emerging markets. Hence, whether you are in manufacturing, services or non-profit organization, the way to remain profitable and to compete effectively is by going on the offensive with innovation to develop new and improved products and services. But for many companies, moving into high gear with innovation poses real and significant challenges.The NIBS Africa Business Innovation Forum aims at promoting awareness of existing innovative solutions and how to create more innovative solutions to overcome the challenges companies are facing.
The NIBS Africa Business Innovation Forum will help business professionals master the fundamentals of successfully initiating and building innovation culture in your organization and to provide the toolkit, mindset and your personal innovation leadership charter and action plan for you to achieve new sources of revenue and growth.

African Governments Innovation Forum – Currently most governments across the world are faced with myriads of challenges especially economic-developmental issues. Innovation therefore becomes one of the key solutions to the varied problems various governments are experiencing. For this reason, the NIBS Government Innovation Forum brings together various government officials to seek to develop innovative skill sets and stimulate partnering between governments to catalyze the next generation of innovation for development and economic growth.

Africa Financial Inclusion Forum – According to the World Bank financial inclusion is a key enabler to reducing poverty and boosting prosperity. In Africa today, delivering financial services at affordable costs to sections of disadvantaged and low-income segments of society has revolutionized the telecom industry in the sense that, innovative products to “bank the unbanked” through the use of very simplistic phones has created a paradigm shift from how people use the brick and mortar banks today. The talk is not limited to technology. The African Financial Inclusion Forum endeavors to bring all stakeholders under one umbrella to discuss regulations and policies that can purposely guide the market towards achieving financial inclusion.

Executive Doctorate Conference (EDC)Entrepreneurial development, Innovation and Leadership engagement is increasingly touted to be critical for the realization of a transformative development agenda. Business executives, who have specialized in management science, technology management, organizational behavior, economics, or finance or other practical fields, are industry-driven individuals who are well informed about today’s fast paced business environment capable of applying research directly into industry.The conference is organized annually by Nobel International Business school in association with the Center for Innovation and entrepreneurial Leadership (CILA).