Support for Entrepreneurs The Center for Innovation Leadership collaborates with other institutions to deliver short leadership courses and seminars to equip young and promising entrepreneurs with innovative and marketable tools to establish thriving businesses.

Open Program Executive Education

Certified Innovation Professional (CIP) Program – In today’s global world where creativity and innovation is an essential factor in an organization’s growth and performance, it has become imperative to equip professions with the right tools to think creatively and innovate in a world-class way. CIP is an appropriate driving tool for achieving excellence in the today’s business. The CIP Program is specially designed to help innovation professionals to oversee innovation-driven growth in their respective organizations and lead in innovation management. The program is jointly offered by Nobel International Business School NIBS , Swiss Business School (NBS) and the International Foundation for Innovation (IFI) to provide comprehensive and insightful up-to-date certification in innovation.

Government Innovation for High Performance (GIHiP) Program – The increasing expectation of citizens in government and public sector organization places a lot of demand on leaders in government and public sector to embrace innovation and its associated tools and practices to help deliver results that builds and maintains citizen’s trust and confidence in them. Like Germany and Singapore, solutions to social, economic, environmental and political problems are solved by applying the right knowledge and competence in innovation.
The GIHiP Programs helps government employees to see innovation as an important function to promote national growth and development. The approach involves a total re-think of the nature and meaning of government products, services, and ‘citizen’ value and government leadership. With the help of practical case studies in the public and private sectors as well as government innovation around the world, knowledge and skills that allow government sector executives to meet the expectation of its citizens are served to government executives.

Business Innovation and Growth in Africa (BIG) Program – One of the best ways to remain profitable and compete effectively as an organization in an emerging market, is to innovative in the production of new products and services. Unfortunately in most firms today, there is simply non-existence of innovation leadership capabilities among executives as well as best practices to be adopted to enhance performance and growth. The BIG program has been designed specially to build innovation culture in our organization using experimental exercises, interactive lectures, peer-coaching sessions and case studies.

Leadership Seminars CILA’s leadership seminars are tailored towards providing numerous avenues for enhancing the qualities of good leadership in Leaders occupying decision making roles. These short but comprehensive seminars will improve the output of business leaders by tunning their leadership skills and enforcing their readiness to meet the difficult challenges of today’s business world.
These leadership seminars go a long way to help to fulfill leaders’ potentials through effective leadership skills training in diverse areas. All leadership seminars teach valuable insights, proven to work in the “real world” environment.