Innovation and service quality is essential and plays an integral part in sustaining growth of businesses across the world. Most of the current successful businesses in the market world today are driven by innovation and quality service. As a result, one of CILA’s research interests is undertaking a survey on innovation and service quality index using special indicators which is published annually, with the aim of ranking organizations in Innovation and service quality delivery which will guide organizations and stakeholders towards adapting best practices to make informed decisions. The Center has two publications:

Ghana Corporate Innovation Index (GCII)
The Ghana Corporate Innovation Index (GCII) aims to capture the multi-dimensional aspects of innovation and provide the necessary tools that can assist in tailoring policies to efficiency, improved productivity and industry growth.
The GCII is a publication on how companies are innovating in various aspects of their operation. This is based on ranking by the use parameters and indicators to indicate companies’ drive towards innovation and their innovation outputs. The GII helps to create an environment in which innovation factors are continually evaluated.
The Ghana innovation index helps companies to identify innovation challenges and indicate where companies most need innovation. GCII utilizes innovation to benefit economic growth and prosperity to developing and emerging economies and businesses.

Ghana Service Quality Index (GSI)The Ghana Service Quality Index (GSI) is a publication on the relationship between expectation and performance of companies in all sectors of the economy. The Ghana service quality index confirms consequences of service quality improvement from the viewpoints of companies and customers. GSI offers contribution and insight regarding what factors affect service quality in companies and how these companies can improve their service quality. Customer Satisfaction (CSat) is assessed and the index suggests approaches to improve conformity of service quality in Ghana.