Why Sponsor?

We work with companies to research and develop practical, useful knowledge on forefront issues of organizational innovation and leadership, and by fostering a community of researchers and practitioners dedicated to creating innovative organizations.

5 reasons you should become a sponsor?

Corporate sponsors receive a variety of benefits–innovative research findings, discussions with leading research scientists, information, priority access, and reduced fees for research and staff education.

  • Engage with leading researchers through sponsor-only one-on-one meetings to discuss current business challenges
  • Discover valuable research findings on critical innovation and leadership issues facing your company
  • Benefit from the current thinking on issues facing your organization
  • Receive significant discounts on executive education programs and research project work
  • Receive a complimentary copy of our case studies and research materials

Specific Sponsor Benefits

Research Projects

We are committed to creating and disseminating new and useful knowledge to companies, NGO’s and governmental agencies, as well as academic communities. Our research findings are published in leading business and academic literature. Corporate research partners can remain anonymous in order to maintain company confidentiality.

  • Receive significantly reduced project rates on all research work done in conjunction with CILA
  • Receive first priority in obtaining the Center’s help with sponsor company initiated research
  • Opportunity to participate in Center originated research projects

Priority Access to Advice and Research Findings from Leading Researchers
Obtain the latest thinking on critical business issues facing your company

  • Converse with Center research scientists, who are leading experts in the areas we research
  • Gain exposure to practical knowledge, frameworks, models, and leading‐edge research findings, and learn how to apply them to today’s business environment
  • Receive recommendations for company contacts that are facing issues similar to yours research scientists can be contacted independently for requests to do consulting work, or to give an external presentation

Sponsor Benefits

Executive Education
Your task as a leader is to ensure that your executives and colleagues efficiently develop the 21st century management skills while phasing out redundant and outdated skills. But how many times have you invested large sums of money in executive education and training and later wondered what impact it had on your executives and the company?
Your real challenge is to develop ‘executive thinkers and doers’, who:

  • Discover and understand the management challenges facing your company;
  • Do things differently to provide viable solutions using the best (and next) practice management tools and methodologies to assess their effectiveness and advantages over current tools they use,
  • Believe in managements’ knowledge and associated tools imparted to them in training by phasing out outdated practices without remorse and demonstrating progressively new behaviors and values, and
  • Know the importance of, and show commitment to, continuous new learning for personal and organizational improvement and innovation.

CILA offers 2 certificate programs, an interactive leadership seminar, forums and 2 published Indexes.


Certified Innovation Professional (PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION)
The CIP Program is specially designed to help innovation professionals to oversee innovation-driven growth in their respective organizations and lead in innovation management. The program is jointly offered by CILA, Swiss Business School (NBS) and the International Foundation for Innovation (IFI) to provide comprehensive and insightful up-to-date certification in innovation.

Government Innovation for High Performance (GIHiP) Program
The GIHiP Programs helps government employees to see innovation as an important function to promote national growth and development. The approach involves a total re-think of the nature and meaning of government products, services, and ‘citizen’ value and government leadership. With the help of practical case studies in the public and private sectors as well as government innovation around the world, knowledge and skills that allow government sector executives to meet the expectation of its citizens are served to government executives.

Business Innovation and Growth in Africa (BIG) Program
One of the best ways to remain profitable and compete effectively as an organization in an emerging market, is to innovative in the production of new products and services. Unfortunately in most firms today, there is simply non-existence of innovation leadership capabilities among executives as well as best practices to be adopted to enhance performance and growth. The BIG program is designed specially to build innovation culture in organizations using experimental exercises, interactive lectures, peer-coaching sessions and case studies.

Leadership Seminars
CILA’s leadership seminars are tailored towards providing numerous avenues for enhancing the qualities of good leadership in Leaders occupying decision making roles. These short but comprehensive seminars will improve the output of business leaders by tuning their leadership skills and enforcing their readiness to meet the difficult challenges of today’s business world.

These leadership seminars go a long way to help to fulfill leaders’ potentials through effective leadership skills training in diverse areas. All leadership seminars teach valuable insights, proven to work in the “real world” environment.


Africa Business Innovation Forum (ABIF)
The NIBS Africa Business Innovation Forum aims at promoting awareness of existing innovative solutions and how to create more innovative solutions to overcome the challenges companies are facing.
The Africa Business Innovation Forum will help business professionals master the fundamentals of successfully initiating and building innovation culture in your organization and to provide the toolkit, mindset and your personal innovation leadership charter and action plan for you to achieve new sources of revenue and growth.

Africa Financial Inclusion Forum (AFIF)
According to the World Bank financial inclusion is a key enabler to reducing poverty and boosting prosperity. The African Financial Inclusion Forum endeavors to bring all stakeholders under one umbrella to discuss regulations and policies that can purposely guide the market towards achieving financial inclusion.

Executive Doctoral Forum (EDF)
Entrepreneurial development, Innovation and Leadership engagement is increasingly touted to be critical for the realization of a transformative development agenda. This forum will bring together C-level executives, senior executives from both the private and public sector, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) alumni and DBA students to talk about research that will spearhead activities of companies and industries.


Ghana Corporate Innovation Index (GCII)
The GCII is a publication on how companies are innovating in various aspects of their operation. This is based on ranking by the use of parameters and indicators to indicate companies’ drive towards innovation and their innovation outputs.

Ghana Service Quality Index (GSQI)

The Ghana Service Quality Index (GSI) is a publication on the relationship between expectation and performance of companies in all sectors of the economy. The Ghana service quality index confirms consequences of service quality improvement from the viewpoints of companies and customers. GSI offers contribution and insight regarding what factors affect service quality in companies and how these companies can improve their service quality.

Case study Research

At CILA we use case studies to assess the prevalence of a phenomenon. They help to observe interesting behavioral patterns or correlated phenomena in businesses which then transcends into making informed decisions in different contexts.

NIBS Business Review
The aim of the NIBS review is to improve the practice of management in both private and public companies and also to provide professionals with rigorous insights and best practices to lead themselves and their organizations more effectively and to make a positive impact.

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